City Of Sparks



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is burning season and can I get a permit if I live in Sparks?

Answer: The Washoe County Health Department regulates the season which normally is March 1st through October 31st. Open burning by private citizens is not allowed within the Truckee Meadows hydrographic basin. Permits within the Truckee Meadows will be issued only to local municipalities, the state or federal government, operators of commercial agriculture facilities or operators of commercial ditch and water delivery systems.

If the above criteria is met, you will need to call (775) 353-2266 to request a burning permit. A Sparks Fire Prevention Inspector will visit the location and issue you a permit that lists the conditions and times concerning open burning. There is a cost of $70.00 for this permit.

2. Who do I call when I have a fire safety complaint?

Answer: The Sparks Fire Prevention Bureau responds to fire code complaints. Common fire hazards that we receive calls on are weeds, burned out exit lights, exposed wiring, parking in fire department access lanes and blocked exits.

Remember if vegetation is green, it is not considered a fire hazard. Also old cars parked in driveways or on lawns are not considered a fire hazard. Each of these complaints should be called into Sparks Zoning Department at (775) 353-2384.

If it is a fire department complaint, please call (775) 353-2266.

3. If I have had a fire, what do I do?

Answer: The Sparks Fire Department in an effort to speed your return to a normal lifestyle developed a booklet that contains information to aid in your adjustment to recover. If interested in this brochure, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (775) 353-2266 or email your request to