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Multi-Jurisdictional License Process

New!!  Multi-Jurisdictional License Process!!


If you are a business owner who plans to conduct your business, or offer your business services, within Reno, Sparks and/or Washoe County, you will need a separate business license for each jurisdiction.  In the past, you would have visited each jurisdiction separately to obtain your licenses.  This required separate trips to each jurisdiction, separate application packets, and separate license fees.

Reno, Sparks and Washoe County are pleased to announce that, starting November 14, 2011, you will be able to process your application and pay your combined licensing fees at one location!  Just answer two questions and follow these few simple steps:

1.   Do I qualify for a multi-jurisdictional license?

If you are a new business, and intend to conduct business or offer your business services within Reno, Sparks, or Washoe County, you qualify to apply for a multi-jurisdictional license. 

If you are an existing or currently licensed business within one jurisdiction, you must visit the other jurisdictions separately to obtain their licenses.  You do not qualify for a multi-jurisdictional license.

2.   I qualify, so how do I start?

You will visit your home jurisdiction.  Your home jurisdiction is where your business office is, or will be, located.  Follow the easy steps below to obtain your multi-jurisdictional license.  Your application will be reviewed and approved by your home jurisdiction.  Upon approval, your home jurisdiction will provide your license application and information to the other jurisdictions.  Each jurisdiction will separately mail your new license to you.

Please, do not start your business in a jurisdiction
until you receive your new license from that jurisdiction in the mail.

3.   Follow these easy steps to obtain your multi-jurisdictional license.

a.   Determine your home jurisdiction.  This is the jurisdiction within which your business office is located.  Your business office may be a commercial location, or a home-based business.  If your business office is located outside of Washoe County, you may visit any of the 3 jurisdictions to start your application process.

b.   Visit the home jurisdiction’s business license web page for instructions on completing a business license application OR visit the home jurisdiction’s business license office to obtain the required application forms and instructions.

1)   Obtain all required Nevada State license forms and licenses.  File for a Fictitious Name Certificate with the Washoe County Clerk if appropriate.

2)   Complete the license application form.  Check the boxes of the jurisdictions within which you plan to conduct business or offer business services.

3)   Collect the completed license application form with all required Nevada State forms or licenses and the Fictitious Name Certificate (if required). 


Important Note

Some business activities are not eligible for the multi-jurisdictional license process, specifically if they are privileged activities. The following business activities will still need to apply at each jurisdiction separately:

     Second hand merchandise sales     

     Alcohol (intoxicating liquor) including: 

                   Alcohol catering

                  Alcohol wholesale and/or importing


          Escort/Outcall services

          Gaming including:

                   Slot Route Operators


          Peddlers/solicitors including:

                   Ice Cream Trucks

         Towing & Booting

          Vehicles for Hire

          Residential house cleaning

c.   Take the completed business license application and all forms to your home jurisdiction’s licensing offices.

1)   The home jurisdiction may have additional inspection and/or reviewing fees which will be collected as part of the application process.

2)   Your license application will be reviewed and approved by other agencies, prior to final approval by your home jurisdiction’s business license office.

d.   Pay the combined multi-jurisdictional license fee (one fee for all jurisdictions) when requested.  You may pay by cash, check or credit card.  Fees are as follows:

Reno:                                $ 85.00

Sparks:                            $ 105.00

Washoe County:               $ 75.00

Your combined fee is:      $265.00

e.   Once your license application is approved by your home jurisdiction, each jurisdiction will mail its business license to you separately.

f.    After you receive your licenses, begin your business and Good Luck!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office or visit our FAQ's.